How To Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

The 10 Golden Rules

How to prevent cardiovascular diseases Office Prof. Valerio Sanguigni Cardiologist salario nomentano
Is there a "lifestyle" that can help us prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease?
 In fact, there are few simple rules that, if you respect them, can really change our health and lives:

 The 10 Golden Rules:

 1) Avoid cigarette smoke (even passive...) details...
 2) Check our cholesterol levels (the total should be below 220 mg/dL, LDL below 160 mg/dl)
 3) Check the values of our blood pressure (should be below 140/90 mm/Hg) details ...
 4) Check the values of our blood glucose (below 110 mg/dl)
 5) Check our body weight
 6) Do regular physical activity: Walk as much as possible during the day and practice aerobic activity (fast walking or slow running) for 30-45 minutes at least 3-4 times a week
 7) Use a low fat diet rich in antioxidants
 8) Checking or avoiding prolonged stress situations: for a healthy lifestyle you need a good mental balance
 9) Perform a Periodic Cardiological Check-up
 10) In the presence of "new symptoms" (abnormal chest pain, frequent dizziness, fatigue) consult your cardiologist immediately

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