Antioxidant Medicine

Preventing Old Age Diseases

The "NEW ANTI-OXIDANT MEDICINE" is the medical science that was born to prevent typical old age illnesses and to slow down the time of our biological clock.

 Everyone should undergo an assessment of oxidative stress, even those in conditions of good health and, more importantly, if they are exposed in a non-episodic manner to pro-oxidant factors (e.g. improper lifestyles, poor nutrition, psycho-emotional stress Etc.) or is affected by chronic degenerative diseases (e.g. diabetes, atherosclerosis, neoplasms, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).

Only thanks to this evaluation will it be possible to know the real state of health of the individual, to optimize specific therapies and monitor the effectiveness of antioxidant formulas, often taken without a test to be able to demonstrate the real need.

The Vera Salus check up

The Vera Salus check-up Office Prof. Valerio Sanguigni Cardiologist salario nomentano
The "Vera Salus" check-up: the basic idea is to assess, through innovative and highly differentiated protocols, the magnitude of Oxidative Stress and the state of the Antioxidant Defences of each individual to understand the existence or lack of stressful factors of an oxidative nature and intervene ad hoc to restore the antioxidant balance by controlling, through the same protocols, the improvement.

This project, based on indications from the international scientific literature and on the basis of personal scientific expertise of medical researchers who put it forward, aims to assess the state of health and the actual "biological age" of the subjects examined, through a series of innovative and unique diagnostic evaluations and, at the same time, developing therapeutic multifactorial intervention that, through careful modification of lifestyle, specific eating habits for the subject and a custom antioxidant integrative therapy aims to improve the quality of life and the aging of the  population (Aging).

 This innovative multifactorial therapeutic program is customized to each patient by means of two phases.  In the first phase the current health conditions are carefully evaluated, by means of a medical screening and accurate and, on the same diagnostic, the redox state of the patient is photographed through a series of specific indicators, in such a way as to develop a Longevity Score that represents the true biological age of the patient.

 In the second stage, on the basis of indications from the initial diagnostic evaluation, a series of customized therapeutic measures is developed: changes in lifestyle, planned physical activity, Mediterranean diet with selected foods to restore the rule ORP therapy, personalized antioxidant supplements on the patient's specific needs.

 The program also provides for a periodic assessment of the patient to check whether the 'antioxidant balance and redox status is really improved.

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