Hypertension: Diagnosis and Therapy

Definition and Classification of Arterial Pressure Values

Prof. Valerio Sanguigni Cardiologist Roma Salario Nomentano

Specific goals in diagnosing hypertension

 A) Define a diagnostic path.
 Identify the various standard diagnostic procedures:
 - Basic and specific hematochemical examinations in secondary forms of hypertension screening.
 - Echocardiogram
 - Eco Doppler epidermal vessels
 - MAP (outpatient pressure monitoring)
 - Basic electrocardiogram and possibly strain
 - Fundus oculi

 B) Stratification of cardiovascular risk
 Assign on an anamnestic, clinical, diagnostic basis the predicted cardiovascular risk on which to set the therapeutic schedule.

 C) Intervention levels and pressure goal to be achieved according to various clinical conditions.
 Choice of therapy and customize the appropriate level according to the different clinical conditions.

 Dedication of special super-specialisation procedures for special cases:
 e.g.  Hypertension in the Elderly, Pregnancy Hypertension, Diabetes, Malignant or Uncontrolled Hypertension.

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