Remote Pressure Control

The New Therapeutic Approach to Arterial Hypertension

Arterial hypertension prof sanguigni Cardiologist Roma
Data from scientific studies have now shown that the best known causes of inadequate blood pressure control, in addition to the difficulties encountered by patients to adjust their lifestyle to the changes demanded by the disease, is the slippery surfaces to drug treatment, especially when this is rather complex and requires the use of many tablets.

 A new therapeutic approach to high blood pressure is to, on the one hand identify a treatment that is both effective but also easy to practice with the least number of drugs, and on the other to produce a continuous interaction between doctor and patient to monitor the state of hypertension and efficacy of therapy.

 The first objective is now possible thanks to the advent of new pharmacological preparation which, through the association of multiple drugs in one tablet, sometimes guarantee an effective control of the pressure 24 hours a day.

 The second goal is now achievable through two increasingly important matters: the first is the self-measurement of pressure at home by the patient, the second is the continuous sharing of blood pressure data between patient and doctor, exchange of medical data, interactively through the Web (Internet).

 This is made possible by giving the patient an automatic meter with a special device. In this way, each measurement that the patient makes at home is controlled via the Internet by his cardiologist.